Demand for Green Parking: Pare attends NAIOP presentation “Parking Matters”

Posted by: Cari Orsi

John Shevlin and Cari Orsi of Pare attended the NAIOP program “Parking Matters” on January 26, 2012 in Boston.  Discussions from the panel included information on parking design, costs, designing for current vehicles, different parking garage construction and some of the obsticles faced when designing parking.  One of the interesting pieces of data that was presented included the International Parking Institute (IPI) suvey data from 2011.  The top three trends in parking were rated in the following order according to the survey:  1) Increased Revenue 2) Demand for Green Parking Solutions and 3) Need for technology solutions.  In a related note reported by the survey, 19% of the people surveyed said that they believed there was a need for electrical vehicle charging stations for future development of parking spaces.  The survey also ranked, ‘greener facilities’ as #2 when asked what the ‘next big thing’ in parking would be.

It appears that green solutions are in demand and are catching on internationally.  I know in recent projects we have incorporated vehicle charging stations into some of our school designs.  Both Natick High School and Plymouth North High School included vehicle charging stations into the site design.

Information was taken from, “2011 Emerging Trends in Parking:  Report on a survey conducted by the International Parking Institute.”


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