Wind Energy to Power Wastewater Treatment in Providence

Posted by: Pare’s Senior Environmental Scientist Lauren Hastings

Providence’s first utility-scale turbine was assembled last week in Field’s Point. The new 365-foot turbine is the first of a series of three wind turbines to be installed by the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) at the Five Fields Wastewater Treatment Plant.The plant treats wastewater from homes, businesses, schools and industries before it is released into Narragansett Bay.

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photo credit: Brandon Blanchard

Once installation is complete, the 4.5 megawatts of wind energy generated by the turbines is expected to provide approximately 40 percent of the plant’s energy needs, saving them about to $1.1 million per year in energy costs. Included in the projected savings is anticipated revenue  that will result from selling electricity to electric utility National Grid on days when the turbines generate more power than the plant needs.

You can visit the NBC website for more information on the Field’s Point Energy Project. Be sure to check out the panoramic images of their construction progress, which are updated daily.


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