The following was exerped from an announcement made on the Greenroads website.  I found it an interesting use of old building/plumbing material in road/sidewalk construction.  Check out the full article and read more about the Greenroads program by following the link above:

The Greenroads Foundation has announced that the the Meador Kansas Ellis Trail Project in Bellingham, Washington has become the first-ever project to achieve Greenroads certification

Some of the sustainable elements incorporated into the project’s design included:

  • Recycled porcelain aggregates made from over 400 crushed toilets that were diverted from the landfill
  • Asphalt with recycled content of 30 percent and recycled concrete aggregates
  • Porous pavements that naturally treat runoff and provide effective stormwater management
  • Low-energy LED street lighting
  • New amenities and improvements for pedestrians and bicycles using the Whatcom Creek Trail.

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