USBGC Boston Chapter Webinar Summary

Last Thursday I attended the USBGC Boston Chapter sponsored webinar from its educational webinar series.  This specific webinar was on Urban Heat Island Effect and allowed for LEED AP’s to earn some credentialing maintenance credits.  Most of the content was reviewing general concepts revolving around the heat island effect but I’ve summarized a few interesting points and website links below:

  •  Benefits of Reducing Heat Island Effect:  reduce air conditioning use, reduce the rate that smog forms, increase human health, increase life costs of material
  • Material Albedo Defined:  If a material is reporting a 0.5 albedo than it translates to roughly 50% of the material reflecting
  • Ways to Reduce the Heat Island Effect:
    • Non Roof Areas:  Create shade over impervious areas (landscaping or roofs), Reduce impervious area, use ‘cool’ pavement or other materials with higher reflective.  The webinar stated that cool pavement typically resulted in a 30 degree temperature difference than use of typical black asphalt
    • Roof Areas:  Create cool roofs with either vegetation or material type

Interesting Website References: ; ;

The next webinar is on October 17, 2012 at 5PM and features the topic, ‘Water Efficiency and Innovation’.  For more details, or to register, go to .

While on my way to the webinar I noticed this electrical vehicle charging station in a lot in Boston!


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