Does anyone pay attention to signs we design?

Does anyone even enforce the signs we spend time and thought putting on a plan and making sure get installed correctly?  I’m specifically talking about “Idling Limit” signs we have incorporated into many of our recent Massachusetts designs.  We have been including signs in the drop off lanes at schools, both in the bus drop offs and the parent drop offs.  The sign states that there is an idling limit, references a fine and the MA general law.

I’ve often wondered if people really respect the signs or if parents and buses still sit in front of the school idling and waiting for their student or students to come out of the school, say good bye to their friends and then make their way into the vehicle.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this article, “RI Bus Co. Busted for Excessive Idling” and see that idling laws have been enforced.

For more information on MA and RI idling laws check out the links below:

Massachusetts Laws                             Rhode Island Laws

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