A recent report completed by the Boston Harbor Association illustrates the devastating effects that sea level rise could potentially cause in Boston and the surrounding area. Included with the report are dramatic figures that show what coastal flooding of different magnitudes would have on the city. Low lying areas, including parts of the South End, North End, Back Bay, Charlestown, Cambridge, and Logan Airport could all see significant impacts from coastal flooding. The report and accompanying figures are available on the Boston Harbor Association’s website by clicking here.

In response, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s office announced new rules the City plans to enact over the next several months that will require development projects include climate change preparedness at the planning and design stages. This will clearly shape the many waterfront projects planned for the City’s skyline in upcoming years. This article from Atlantic Cities explores this story deeper.

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  1. eastyinri

    I think the storm events of the recent past — multiple 100-year events within a matter of years — has confirmed that the climate is indeed changing. Whether it is a natural occurrence or manmade is still up for debate.
    I wonder how many cities will try to hold back the rising waters with hurricane barriers and levees?


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