NYC Blueway Plan

As we all know the Northeast US was battered during Superstorm Sandy, especially the low lying coastal areas from the mid-Atlantic up through southern New England. The New York metropolitan area saw some of the worst damage. The heavily developed nature of New York presented major problems on two levels – the high concentration of capital and infrastructure there put billions of dollars worth of economic development at risk, while the lack of once natural habitat eliminated the coastline’s ability to buffer storm surges.

But New York City is taking steps to protect its shores while enticing visitors and residents to rediscover the recreational opportunities its waterfront provides. Labeled the “Blueway Plan”, it will consist of construction of a 4-mile long storm barrier along the East River. Bike paths, boat launches, parks, and sandy beaches all plan to be incorporated, while ecological benefits include the redevelopment of wetlands and saltwater marshes. Click here to find out more about the project.

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