Recycling Electronics and Consolidating Trash

PARE held its second electronics recycling (or “E-waste”) drive in conjunction with Northeast Computer Recycling from the end of February though the first week in March. This event provided staff a free opportunity to get rid of outdated or broken electronic items that had been accumulating around their homes, and also allowed for some cleanup of old electronics around PARE’s Lincoln and Foxboro offices.

After picking up our unwanted electronics, Northeast Computer Recycling takes care of the rest. They break down the components and distribute the parts to recycling facilities throughout the region.  Among the electronics collected were unused computers, monitors, printers,  and PARE’s old laminating machine. Take a look at their website here  to learn more about what they accept and how you can have your own E-Waste recycling drive.



Here are just a few of the items collected during PARE’s E-waste Recycling drive.

Another recent development in PARE’s offices was the voluntary surrender of individual trash barrels. PARE’s Waste Reduction Subcommittee is in the beginning stages of implementing  a  Zero Landfill Waste Plan, and the first stage in our plan is to bring Awareness to how much landfill waste offices like ours generate.

Removing waste barrels from individual desks can help in two ways: by promoting (1) individual awareness of what is being thrown away since once your personal barrel is gone, throwing something in the trash is no longer automatic; and (2) group awareness of the quantity and types of landfill waste we generate. With most of our trash centralized in the common areas of our offices, we are in a better position to track the volume and types of waste being generated at PARE.


21 waste barrels were surrendered at PARE’s Lincoln office.

Stay tuned for more news on sustainable practices being developed in our offices!


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