What’s in the mail?

A lot of paper that goes right into the recycle bin, right?  Sure, there are the occasional catalogs that are fun to flip through or maybe the occasional flyer with coupons.  But do you ever get irritated by the number of times credit cards feel the need to remind you about their special offers or zero financing options?

Here are a few ways to avoid that paper from even entering your home:

  • Catalogs:  As they come into your house just simply call the 800 numbers and request that you no longer receive them.
  • Credit Card Offers:  To submit an opt-out request to have your name removed from their lists, visit:  http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0262-stopping-unsolicited-mail-phone-calls-and-email
  • Checks from your credit card companies:  Next time they come into your mailbox, call them and ask them to stop.
  • Bills and banking statements:  Most of us pay them online and get online statements, but if you don’t, most companies make it very simple to switch over to electronic payments and statements.  If this makes you nervous you can always save PDF’s of your statements and payment confirmations and keep back up files.

By taking a few extra minutes to stop the extra paper each time you spot it, you could stop it from ever entering your home.  This will not only save some trees and resources, but will also save you time.  You will avoid having to bring the paper into your house, sift through the junk mail, put it in the recycle bin and then remove it from of your house.

Give yourself and your family a challenge and see how many days in a row you can go without getting unnecessary mail and saving the excess paper.

For more helpful tips visit:  http://www.rirrc.org/resident/reduce-junk-mail/

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